Theory, Practice, Performance

These elements are the core of the Ithaca College experience—today and every day since our founding over 125 years ago.

Ithaca College began as a music conservatory in 1892, helping young musicians hone their talents into professional-caliber skills. In the decades since, I.C. has grown into a residential liberal arts college with five schools and over 100-degree programs. Our students gain knowledge and confidence through a continuous cycle of learning, trying, and doing—with access to professional labs, studios, equipment, and research opportunities.

As a mid-size, nationally-ranked college, I.C. offers students opportunities for personalized attention in every academic program and engagement in a wide variety of campus activities. Students join a welcoming community of 6,200 undergraduate and 470 graduate students that offers more than 200 student clubs and organizations.

The I.C. experience continues after graduation as alumni become part of a growing network of professionals—mentors and experts around the world who take active roles in helping students succeed.

At I.C., our faculty and staff are dedicated to student education and growth. They bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to our campus and work to help advance their respective fields. Through research, projects, and involvement in their communities, they also continue to learn and develop as professionals and thought leaders.

Ithaca College sits on South Hill and overlooks the heart of Ithaca, a thriving city full of art, culture, and activity all surrounded by the natural beauty of New York’s Finger Lakes region. In addition to the main campus, I.C. has satellite programs in New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Vision Statement Ithaca College strives to become the standard of excellence for student-centered comprehensive colleges, fostering intellect, creativity, and character in an active and inclusive residential learning community.

Mission Statement

To provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning, Ithaca College is dedicated to fostering intellectual growth, aesthetic appreciation, and character development in our students. The Ithaca College community thrives on the principles that knowledge is acquired through discipline, competence is established when knowledge is tempered by experience, and character is developed when competence is exercised for the benefit of others.

A comprehensive college that since its founding has recognized the value of combining theory and performance, Ithaca provides a rigorous education blending liberal arts and professional programs of study. Our teaching and scholarship are motivated by the need to be informed by, and to contribute to, the world's scientific and humanistic enterprises. Learning at Ithaca extends beyond the classroom to encompass a broad range of residential, professional, and extracurricular opportunities. Our undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni all contribute to the learning process.

Ithaca College is committed to creating an inclusive environment and attracting a diverse body of students, faculty, and staff. All members of the College community are encouraged to achieve excellence in their chosen fields and to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community.

Guiding Principles

The I.C. educational experience is focused on the development of intellect, creativity and character through curricular, co-curricular, and campus life experiences. Studies in the liberal arts are enriched by professional practice and other curricular opportunities, and studies in the professional schools are grounded in the liberal arts tradition. We are committed to active learning that develops knowledge and skill through a variety of experiences in the classroom, community, laboratory, and other settings.

  • We prepare students for success in college and in life. We believe intellectual and personal growth reach their highest potential in an atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive.
  • We embrace diversity as an integral part of the educational experience and of the community we create.
  • We strive for inclusivity and excellence in our educational and operational endeavors.
  • We commit to the responsible and sustainable management of natural, human, and financial resources.

Discover Life at I.C.

People come to Ithaca College from all over the world to live with curiosity, explore their potential, and become who and what they want to be. Find out how life at I.C. will change you.

The Academic Experience

At I.C., expert faculty challenge you to think differently and inspire you to explore new concepts. You also learn by doing—through hands-on experience in your field, collaboration with classmates, and professional-level opportunities starting your first day in class.

Residential Life

On this residential campus, so much learning and growing happen outside the classroom. Each residence hall is a mini-community—some with a focus on academic or cultural experiences—offering events, activities, and welcoming spaces.

Clubs and Activities

Find friends who share your passion for service, culture, gaming—you name it—in over 200 student organizations. You can even start your own club to bring your favorite hobby or volunteer opportunity to campus.


I.C. student-athletes are leaders and champions on the field and in the classroom. Whether you compete in one of 27 Division III teams or cheer from the crowd, you are part of the Ithaca College Bombers family.

Student Support

I.C. will challenge you—but one of the first lessons you'll learn here is that you don’t have to take on challenges alone.

Academic Support

Experts and advisors in the Center for Academic Advancement help you schedule the right classes for your program and goals, get tutoring and accommodations when you need them, and stay on track.

Career Guidance

The Office of Career Services helps you network, make connections, and take all the right steps to land your dream internship and plan your career. And it doesn't stop at graduation—it's a lifelong resource.

Health & Wellness

The physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of IC students is always a top priority—our medical, wellness, and mental health professionals and fitness facilities are here for you.

Diverse and Inclusive Community

At Ithaca, we strive to be an inclusive and welcoming community of people with diverse talents and backgrounds. A commitment to civility, mutual respect, social justice, and the free and open exchange of ideas makes us stronger.

Ithaca, NY

Ithaca is a city that has everything—from hiking trails and art galleries to farmers markets and startup incubators. In one of the best college towns in the U.S., you can meet and be inspired by brilliant people every day.

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