Why Students Choose Our Online Education

Students told us there were many reasons why they chose to attend Everest online classes. Some reasons include:

  • Our noteworthy accreditation status
  • The reputation of our distinguished faculty
  • Our career-focused curriculum
  • Career Placement Services for graduates
  • Flexible Schedules

And even though these are all important factors for our students, they weren't the main reason why they completed their degree with us.

They chose Everest online education for a reason that we completely overlooked.

It's a reason that makes our online education stand out from other online degree programs - and it's something we never really advertised.

The Top Reason Students Choose Everest

  • Students kept writing us over and over again about how much they appreciated our support staff and faculty.
  • You see, Everest is committed not only to academic excellence but also making sure our students get the support they need. Our students aren't numbers; we consider each student as part of our online family.
  • And, as part of our online family, we work hard to create an online environment that each student will feel comfortable in.
  • We support our students every step of the way - from getting their computer set up to help them throughout their online degree program.
  • Our commitment to our students has drawn more and more students to our school. And our student enrollment continues to climb because of the recommendations of our students.

This school also offers:


Everest University (formal FMU Online)

The Master of Business Administration Degree is designed to enhance your effectiveness in business and industry through the attainment of valuable knowledge and skills. ... [+]

Do you envision yourself as a leader? With our broad-based program, you will gather the tools to succeed in many facets of business as well as acquire the skills to succeed as an effective manager. You will gain the ability to effectively plan, organize, budget, direct, and manage in a leadership role. The up-to-date curriculum will enable you to become innovative and skilled in the latest techniques and real-world practices. Our goal is to offer graduates the widest range of possible career choices and opportunities in a variety of business areas. You can elect to focus on a field of concentration within:

General Management Human Resources Management International Business

Coursework is available in the areas of accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, organizational behavior, quantitative methods, policy, and strategy. This program emphasizes solid communication, leadership, technology, research and problem-solving skills. The specialized nature of the curriculum provides you with the tools to attain success in the business community. Gain employment in all sectors of business such as general administration, public administration, and small business or corporate management. Some career opportunities include:... [-]

USA Santa Ana
September 2019
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