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Founded in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) in 1992, ESEUNE is a European Business School with a marked global spirit and with a dynamic and innovative attitude .

We are Global

Today a managerial person has to be trained to solve problems in a market called the world . Globalization is an unquestionable reality and at ESEUNE we believe that the best way to understand globalization is to experience it firsthand.

Our campus is the world: we have two locations (in Spain and China) and our programs include teaching periods in the countries that determine the global economy and in some of the most fascinating cities in the world: Tianjin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai , Bangalore, Bombay, Pune, Moscow, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Brussels, Bilbao, etc. Our groups are multicultural: multiculturalism and diversity are essential values for organizations and help the people who participate in our programs grow by opening their minds. Our students come from 15 countries around the world and from all continents. Teachers are professionals who work in Europe, Asia and America and transmit very different experiences and perspectives that contribute to learning. Since its inception ESEUNE has collaborated with some of the best universities in the world in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Latin America. Institutions such as Georgetown University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California at Irvine, New York University, University of Chicago, Utica College of Syracuse University, McMaster University, Swinburne University, Tianjin Polytechnic University , University of Lincoln, etc.

We are dynamic

We are committed to learning by doing, sharing experiences, living reality. That is why we have designed a unique methodology that turns our masters into action: MBAction! From practical experience to the assimilation of content and tools; from problems in a real world to their solution. A methodology that increases motivation and understanding on the part of the participants achieving a more effective learning, whose basic pillars are:

Preparation of a MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Project) in teams that allows students to create a real project for a company that involves all areas of the organization. Always prioritizing the development of management skills (communication, negotiation, adaptation to change, creativity, leadership, empathy, etc.) Internships in companies in full-time programs, thanks to the intense networking that in these 25 years of experience has generated an ecosystem of perfect symbiosis between organizations, the people who participate in our masters and ESEUNE. Programs taught, always from a practical and real perspective, by a team of first-level learning facilitators : they are not theoretical teachers but company people who bring their day-to-day experiences to the classroom. Professionals with skills to enhance learning generated dynamic and participatory environments; ESEUNE's hallmark and differentiating element with respect to institutions with an essentially academic perspective.

We are Innovators

The world is changing rapidly and both learning programs and methodologies are quickly out of date. It is necessary to constantly innovate and few Business Schools in the world do it as fast and well as ESEUNE.

At ESEUNE, innovation is not a matter. It is part of our DNA . We live in the digital age, the world of biotechnology, nanotechnology, life sciences. It cannot be that the business world remains oblivious to this revolution. We believe that the time has come when business organizations must shed the clothes of the company inherited from the industrial revolution and build a dress according to the times. Our mission is to work with the people who invent the business models of the 21st century We have been pioneers in using the latest technologies to promote learning and create unique methodologies that generate experiences to be lived that favor the personal and professional growth of the participants: real practical projects developed for companies as a basis for learning, internships in companies (in Spain, USA and China), business simulators, etc. In 1992 ESEUNE introduced a one-month term at New York University into its MBA programs. Since then we have been pioneers in the development of multi-campus programs with stays in different continents.

Our Ecosystem

Our mission is to prepare managers who will break the molds of the mechanical company and develop new organizational forms using, in an intelligent way, the possibilities offered by people and technology, adapting to the demands of a dynamic, hyper-competitive and global market. To do this, we rely on a unique ecosystem that has evolved for 25 years and that represents a perfect symbiosis between the people who participate in our programs, the organizations in our environment and our own institution.

Networking and cooperation are keys to the success of this ecosystem. Supported by it, we achieve tremendously dynamic and practical programs that help people to consolidate their knowledge and enhance and develop the personal and professional skills they need to adapt to change and lead competitive organizations.

In this ecosystem we all become transforming agents at the same time that we are transformed.


The people who participate in our programs come from more than 15 countries in the world (Europe, Asia, America, Australia…); of the most varied sectors (industry, consumption, services, public administration ...); some have a long professional career (Executive) and others graduated a few years ago; Some are managers, others are businessmen and entrepreneurs; many are betting on business management and others want to delve into the digital world, innovation or coaching. But they all have something in common: they are people who believe in another way of doing things and who want to enhance their personal and professional skills to develop new organizational models , managing the company as an evolution, without closing the process with a solution, but simply accepting that organization is the end, not the means.

Our programs are designed as experiential experiences to open people's minds and for them to develop the skills they need: rapid adaptation to change, ability to solve problems as they arise in any area of the company, ability to make decisions , international vision of business, orientation towards people and teamwork, respect for fundamental ethical principles, creativity and innovation, use of new technologies….

Thanks to our ecosystem, full-time programs focused on people with little work experience offer the possibility of doing internships of up to 6 months in companies so that learning is generated through real practical work and these people achieve an effective assimilation of knowledge while developing managerial skills. In many cases, the ecosystem allows the people who run our programs to be hired by the organizations for which they designed strategic projects as part of their practical learning.


The organizations of our ecosystem play a fundamental role by providing case studies, real experiences, innovative tools, their own vision of the business world, facilitators and even supporting part of the students' academic fees through contributions to a scholarship fund.

At the same time, these organizations obtain qualified support in their own evolution by:

  • Collaboration with the people who participate in the programs that through internships provide them with freshness, knowledge, time dedicated to strategic projects and resources, since in addition to having their own knowledge they have the entire ESEUNE structure to support them your projects.
  • The gateway to other markets (especially Latin America and China) thanks to the students who come from those regions. Many companies look to our students for their international cultural knowledge to develop internationalization projects.
  • The opportunity to hire people with the vision, experience, knowledge and skills of those who have lived our masters. In addition, ESEUNE alumni can always access the updated contents of the Master they studied, which makes them professionals always up to date, which is very valuable for organizations.



Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

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