Our distance learning education programs offer the opportunity to study a comprehensive curriculum in business and receive a higher professional qualification in business administration with a speciality major. All students enter the program taking the core course in business administration and management studies. IIBMS is evolving as per the industry requirements for well groomed professionals.

Who will benefit by doing such courses?

The courses shall benefit employed professionals, service class people of the country, self-employed people, self – made businessmen and women, students viz. anyone and everyone who has an occupation involving people, involving an interaction of individuals with similar or dissimilar interests with or without any purpose. Management study by its very nature has the potential to add something meaningful to our lives. The management students have at their disposal various tools and techniques that may be helpful in every Conceivable environment, and here we are referring to the workplace as well as non-workplace conditions.

IIBMS offers management courses which are in sync with the requirements of management professionals since 1999. The management advisory body of IIBMS ensures that this simple principle is followed while maintaining the standard of courses. The IIBMS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution.


Recognize the need of management education for everyone. IIBMS – an institute where one can learn management flexibly from anywhere – was conceived to fulfill this requirement. We provide access to study material and academic pursuits of excellence and one of the features is that the same course is delivered in the home territory. IIBMS Distance Learning has been made available for all levels of skill and knowledge, whether training or education. The courses are probably the best for practical skills when detailed feedback on performance and performance improvement is required. We offer topical new fields of study which encourage you to address diverse issues.


Impart management education to promote the value based universal education with a firm conviction that pursuit of knowledge is the pursuit of highest value. Management education shall provide education to leaders, wealth creators.

IIBMS Quality Policy

We at IIBMS are committed to excellence in management learning. We intend to carry out research, consultancy and training for fulfilling the needs and expectations of students, parents and business and society at large. We aim to do this with a high degree of social sensitivity through innovation.

  • Nurturing of talent and building a learning environment, to promote creativity and leadership.
  • Improvement of course curriculum through educational research and dialogue with business enterprises characterized by significance, relevance, excellence and rigor.
  • Commitment to personal and professional development of individual (staff, students and faculties) over their entire career.
  • Imbibing of state-of-the-art technology and improvement of infrastructure conducive to excellence in learning.
  • Reviewing of institutional processes by the involvement of faculty, students and staff.
  • Giving the student the opportunity to discuss and understand business challenges and address them through insights provided by an unbiased team of experts.
  • Imparting education and training through the utilization and dissemination of knowledge by focusing on the application of management concepts in a diversified manner.
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IIBMS Business School

If you are a job holder and still wants to pursue MBA education, then there is no need to worry. You can simply enroll in Online MBA courses and can start learning the Ma ... [+]

If you are a job holder and still wants to pursue MBA education, then there is no need to worry. You can simply enroll in Online MBA courses and can start learning the Management skills from today. Nowadays, almost every individual who is doing job prefers to opt for online/distance education. Because of rising demands for online education, the reputed institutes also started offering online courses and modules.

In the Online MBA program, you can easily manage the course from your home. You don’t have to attend the classes in the college. Thanks to the development of Internet technology, that it is now feasible to avail Master’s degree remotely. Once you have completed an online admission procedure, you will receive a kit on your registered address. The kit contains all the necessary study materials, which you are going to need for your assignments.... [-]

India Mumbai
July 2019
10 - 24 months
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