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Università Telematica Pegaso

Università Telematica Pegaso

Università Telematica Pegaso


Pegaso Online University, chosen by over 90,000 students, is handy, flexible, and suitable for all: young, adults, workers, and disabled. Thanks to Pegaso Online University you can study wherever and whenever you want and take exams in any of the 91 available locations throughout Italy.

Our degree and post-graduate online courses represent a unique educational offer in Italy. Thanks to the best didactic methodologies and the most powerful technology, Pegaso supports you anytime for your professional goals and dreams, projecting you in the world of work or in creating your own business.

In addition to their high quality, Pegaso educational programs are really convenient thanks to more than 500 agreements signed by the University with the biggest Italian companies.

Who We Are?

I-University: Intelligence, Independence, Integration. These are the Educational Criteria that characterize The Pegaso Online University, whose mission lies in the achievement of a complete interaction between the Academy and the students, it is oriented to the constant improvement of the cultural and professional skills, and fulfills own ward pedagogic model of continuous education (the Lifelong Learning) and the “Personal Learning Environment”, that makes, learning a central value.

Instituted by a Ministerial Decree on the 20th of April 2006 (GU n. 118, the 23rd of May 2006- Ordinary Suppl. n. 125), Pegaso Online University is an Academy built on modern and efficient technological standards in the e-learning area.

The academic degrees released at the end of courses of study have the same legal value as the degrees issued by the traditional Universities.

With the ability to respond in a flexible and efficient way to the needs of students, Pegaso intercepts adequately the educational and working purposes in the chosen courses of study, guaranteeing a full and personalization independence of teaching. Devoid of any physical presence but continuously marked, the courses allow, despite their peculiarity, to follow at the same time student and to monitor his continuous learning level, also through his frequent opportunities for evaluation and self-evaluation.

The experts of the didactic support who sustain professors (the Tutor, the Mentor, and the Coach) assist the student during his entire course of study, with the aim to reach a perfect balance of learning based on the affirmation of his own potential. Highly technological and interactive tools, like TV Learning and SOCIAL Learning, involve the student in a truly unique and effective educational experience.

All of this – obviously – without ignoring great attention to the National and International Research, as well as the promotion of training of the young generation in research activities.

In the European and non-European field, coherently with the general principles expected by its own Statute, Pegaso Online University promotes the International development of teaching, research, and studies, also and especially through Cultural Exchanges between different countries and with the collaboration of other prestigious Universities in the European area.

How to Study

The Pegaso Online University educational method involves the use of educational courses consisting of learning objects (units of learning content), in which converge multiple tools, materials, and services that act in a synergic way on the educational and learning journey of the student. The student, indeed, has:

  • The written class text, with bibliographic references and notes;
  • Slides (enriched texts, images graphs, and tables) commented orally by the lecturer;
  • Lesson-clips, available in a synchronic and a-synchronic modality.

How can you conduct your exams?

The final examination takes place being present at our branches throughout the country and it is entrusted to the commission nominated by the Dean and officiated by the teaching -lecturer. The adopted criteria for the evaluation are determined by the results of a certain number of intermediate tests ( the online learning-examination test, the composition-development, eventual laboratory-activities, etc.);

  • The participating quality on the online activities (attendance and quality of the interventions that can be monitored through the platform);
  • The final examination results being present at the university structures.


Pegaso Online University centers are dislocated in some of the most prestigious buildings and historical structures of the city in which it is situated; places of a high historical and cultural profile, as evidence of the university authority and of its consideration among the institutions which had recognized the commitment, such as quality, the high didactic profile and therefore have granted the use.

However the choice to be present in such magnificent centers was taken not for image reasons, but because they are considered the most comfortable guaranteeing the student, during his long academic excursus, the highest grade of support, respect, and cordiality.

The logistic attention, the position, the connections, and the receptivity of centers were the main elements in the University’s choice because at Pegaso all involve the student.


  • Rome

    Palazzo Bonadies Lancellotti Via di S. Pantaleo, 66 - 00186 - Roma, , Rome