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Universidad Ítaca

Universidad Ítaca

Universidad Ítaca


At Universidad Ítaca we are pioneers in offering distance education throughout Mexico. Our university offers you to complete your bachelor's degree online or in person, as well as your master's degree, to exploit your professional skills and grow quickly in the workplace. We know how important it is for you to finish your degree, so we offer you the following benefits at affordable prices:

  • Official validity
  • Counseling in Virtual Campus
  • RVOE
  • Enrollment Scholarships
  • Qualified Teachers
  • Accessible tuition fees including degree

About us

Itaca University is an institution founded in 1991 as a pioneer in the Human Development Degree.

Always with the desire to improve and reach more people today, Universidad Ítaca has more than 18 programs, bachelor's and master's degrees in different areas of study, such as engineering, cognitive behavioral, law, humanities, exact sciences, among others. ; in face-to-face and non-school system.

The dream of the partners and founders is to provide students with the space and a system that enables self-reflection and awareness to achieve a change in attitudes and achieve beings with a more rewarding attitude towards life. Converting them into multipliers and facilitators of personal, professional and economic growth in their families, communities and companies. In short, Ithaca is a model that aims to be the trigger of human potential for the achievement of personal, professional and business success.


Impart -from a global perspective- an andragogic and humanistic academic education, supported by scientific and technological endeavors.


To be a University of excellence that brings together the best teachers and students, promoting them as future professionals and leaders of the country, who promote a better level of personal and work life.

Why Ithaca

  • It stimulates the student so that, through creativity, research, study habits and critical judgment, they develop skills, competencies and attitudes that allow them to discover and strengthen their potentialities.
  • It facilitates the process of training and development of people of integrity who, due to their excellent professional and cultural preparation at an international level and because of their genuine social conscience, are leaders of positive action that promote the authentic development of the human being and of society.
  • It provides the space and system that enables self-reflection and awareness to achieve a change in attitudes, turning them into multipliers and facilitators of personal growth in their families, communities and companies.
  • It fosters understanding and respect for all individuals with their traditions, beliefs and customs.
  • Form competent human beings and not competitive people.


  • Mexico City

    Centro Cultural Ítaca, S.C. Calle Morelos # 12 Col. Barrio del Niño Jesús, Alcaldía Tlalpan, 14080, Mexico City