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ARC Academy is at the forefront of nurturing talent in the dynamic field of game development. Our mission is to empower students to unlock and expand their potential within the creative gaming industry. At ARC Academy, students gain invaluable knowledge and skills, forge new connections, interact with seasoned professionals from leading game studios, and enhance their portfolios. Our curriculum is designed with a practical focus, ensuring it aligns with the current standards of the gaming industry.

Students immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning environment, mastering the essentials for future-facing careers in Game Design, Concept Art, 3D Art, and Game Programming. The culmination of the ARC experience is a hands-on project: the creation of a video game. This collaborative effort brings together 2D & 3D artists, game designers, and programmers, all under the guidance of experienced mentors. Together, they craft their debut game, applying the skills and knowledge acquired through their studies at ARC Academy.

Why ARC?

84% of our successful graduates start their careers in the gaming and creative industries.

ARC Academy is a place where students acquire valuable knowledge and skills, make new connections, meet professionals from game studios, and build their portfolios.

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We aspire to succeed, to create, to innovate, and most importantly – to achieve happiness in life. Building a career in the creative field is fulfilling on so many levels and it contributes immensely to the happiness factor. ARC Academy is here to help students steer their aspirations towards a path to professional and personal satisfaction.


Time is the most precious commodity each one of us can possibly have. The founders of ARC Academy are, above all, parents. Parents who have also experienced the frustration of knowing that their child’s time is being wasted by a useless or outdated academic curriculum. This is why ARC Academy takes the time students invest in learning very seriously and we begin every school day with a deep awareness of the responsibility we carry towards our children.


The most miraculous aspect of creativity is the ability to raise images and narratives out of seemingly nothing. To be inspired and for that inspiration to lead to something – entertainment, design, games, you name it. Creativity and imagination are at the core of everything ARC Academy stands for. All people need is an outlet to express their ideas. We teach the skills that make it possible to unleash the creative potential of our students. Our imaginations never really sleep if we protect and feed them properly.


We believe that bringing businesses and education together to help nurture future leaders is a goal worth investing in.

We believe that businesses cannot grow without a qualified workforce, and if the business didn’t grow, there wouldn’t be high-paying jobs that would compel young people to stay in their country. It’s a vicious cycle that we are on a mission to break.


Students who successfully complete our courses will receive a state-recognized “Certificate of Proficiency” and a Certificate from ARC Academy. These documents are recognized by game studios and confirm the skills of Academy graduates, enabling them to develop a professional career and be confident in their chosen field.


The ARC Academy application process for the 2024/2025 academic year will open on November 1, 2023. Applicants who wish to study at the Academy may submit their applications during the early or regular intake.

ARC Academy Early Admission until March 31

Candidates who submit their documents by March 31, for the on-campus or distance learning form, will participate in the ARC Academy Preliminary Course free of charge.

It will be held over three months (from 25.04. to 4.07.), and the classes will be online. Each week participants will receive assignments and feedback from the lecturers. They will also have the opportunity to meet some of their future colleagues.

Students accepted during the Early Application period and passing the course will gain new knowledge, improve their skills, and be able to adapt more easily to the learning environment in October.

Early Admission Join the Preliminary course for the academic year 2024/2025

At ARC Academy, we believe in the talent of young people and strive to develop it and turn it into a dream profession. Our curricula are developed according to best practices from the game and film industries, and our lecturers are proven professionals in these fields. Over 84% of students who have graduated from the Academy to date have found their place of employment in the game, and entertainment industries.

ARC Academy training is dynamic and hands-on. Within 4 semesters you learn the required software and work on practical projects – individual and group – related to one of five areas: Game Design, Concept art, 3D Art, and Game Programming.

Advantages of Early Application:

  • Learning and improving basic skills
  • Familiarity with the interface and functionality of the core software
  • Getting to know some of the speakers in the two-year program
  • Getting feedback from professionals in the field
  • Networking with future classmates
  • Easier adaptation to the learning environment
  • Additional: Participation in an in-person masterclass in May, together with students at the Academy

More Details on Early Application

Apply by March 31, 2024, and join our Preliminary course for the academic year 2024/2025. Applying early gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the methodology and dynamics of our programs before the school year begins. You will meet some of the faculty who will give you specific assignments and feedback. You will get to know the main software used in the respective fields (Photoshop, Blender, etc.) This will allow you to start your studies at ARC Academy more prepared and confident.

Procedures for Applying for Our on-Campus and Distance Learning Programs

To reach the admission with us, you need to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Application Form

Please attach your CV, a link to your portfolio, and a cover letter. Complete all fields and attach the necessary files/links. The application includes personal information, your CV, portfolio, and motivation for studying at the Academy. You should also attach your certificate of English Language Proficiency*.

*You can prove your level through a certificate, a language school diploma, or a test at ARC Academy. Accepted certificates are TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English Qualifications exam, and PTE (Pearson Test of English)

Once the application has been submitted, the ARC Academy team will email you to confirm the application has been received and you will be able to pick a slot for an interview.

Step 2: Interview

The interview is your chance to concisely present yourself as a quality candidate for ARC Academy. We will go over your application and practical task results. We’ll talk about your motivation to learn and how you see yourself as an artist/game designer/game programmer. You will be able to elaborate on the key points in your application and we will answer any question about your learning journey at ARC.

Step 3: Practical Task

As a final step you will be given a task with specific conditions, depending on the program you have chosen. You would have to complete the task within a timeframe set by the Admission Team.

Scholarships and Funding

If you’re interested in studying Game Design, Concept Art, 3D Art, or Game Programming, in either the on-campus or distance learning form, ARC Academy provides scholarships to study with game studios.

This year we will have three scholarship competitions, which will be worth 30% of the tuition.