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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders, Today!

Accelerate Your Career With Ailit Online Certificate Programs.

If you want to gain a higher position in your company or start a business of your own, our accredited online business certificate programs are here to help you on your quest for success.

American Institute of Leadership, Innovation, and Technology (AILIT) has partnered with a number of world-leading business and IT experts in various areas to provide you with online training resources, unlike any others.

We constantly update our courses and work with professionals in the industry to support you and allow you access to everything you need to accelerate your career.

Accredited Certification Programs Online

We will make sure that you progress fast and learn new skills more efficiently than ever before without having to disrupt your workday.

Online Certificate Courses to Upgrade Your C-Level Skills

Make the step up to senior roles with executive training programs and online certificate courses that ensure you’re a step ahead of your peers when it matters the most.

Flexible Approach to Online Certification Classes

Access our online certification classes from anywhere and whenever you prefer. We will adapt to your needs and ensure you’re always one step ahead.

Accelerate Your Career With Accredited Online Training

First step to succeeding is having a strong will, and the second one is finding a good teacher. Find out what drives you and leave the rest to our professors.

E-Certificates For Next Generation Leaders

Attending our online certificate classes will help you acquire proven leadership techniques for taking your business to the next level.

What Makes Ailit Online Certificates Unique

Whether it’s team dynamics improvement, complex negotiations, or your own career development, our accredited online certificate courses will allow you to reach your goals in no time.

Our Mission

American Institute of Leadership, Innovation, and Technology (AILIT) mission is to empower leaders using knowledge, innovation, and academic excellence.

We develop and engage in partnerships with premier institutions to further enhance the educational experiences of students and our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer fast, comprehensive online training that allows business professionals, leaders, and executives to learn new skills from anywhere in the world.

By providing highly accessible expert content, we put you in control of your own training and professional development like never before.

Our Values

Integrity: Our faculty members developed an online training program to ensure everything we deliver is of the highest quality and that the latest standards are honored.

Accessibility: Our online training resources are open to anyone looking to grow their professional skills and achieve immediate success.


The AILIT Online Advantage

  • We adapted our approach to online training to ensure you have access to everything you need to enhance your career. Your professional development is our top priority.
  • Through our online training program you can learn new skills without interrupting your existing schedule or neglecting your personal needs.
  • The fast-paced living in modern society demands a flexible and highly adaptable approach to learning and that’s exactly what we are ready to offer you.

Our Faculty

AILIT became a reality thanks to our loyal professional faculty educators, as well as business leaders and experts that decided to partake in our vision and allow us to create one of the best online training programs currently existing.


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