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"Great leaders move their teams towards their goals through a basic human process: their emotions" Richard Boyatzis.

Overload of work, endless days, teams with unmotivated collaborators or with negative attitudes, demanding clients, unforeseen events, setbacks ...

If they do not manage these situations well, leaders can lose their effectiveness due to the cumulative effect of the damage caused by stress, frustration and concern for results.

Neuroscience has shown that this pattern activates neural networks that are useful to a certain extent for problem solving, but it damages the ability to connect with others and to innovate. This pattern suppresses the necessary neural networks to be open to new ideas, people and ethical values, thus harming the motivation, performance and commitment of your team.

  • Start: March 2018.
  • Duration: 250h.
  • Modality: Online.
  • Qualification: Executive Emotional Intelligence Program.

To whom it May concern?

This course is aimed at executives and middle managers in any field, who are in charge of work teams: Human Resources, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Technology, Processes, etc.
University teachers, college and vocational training that have the interest in providing a good training in skills and values. External consultants who manage projects of systems implementation or cultural or organizational transformations.


  • Understand the impact of emotions on your brain, behaviors, performance, relationships and the performance of your team.
  • Knowing yourself, strengthening self-confidence and recognizing needs to take care of your integrity, personal coherence and, therefore, favoring your emotional balance.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of the people with whom you relate, your emotions, needs, motivations, values ​​and strengths and, from there, connect to develop powerful relationships.
  • Manage your emotions in the face of day-to-day difficulties to maintain motivation, energy, creativity and focus on your goals and people.
  • Improve your communication to generate confidence, resolve conflicts and develop an emotionally intelligent leadership style that gives meaning to the work of your collaborators, maximizing talents and facilitating commitment to the vision and objectives of the project.


  • Emotional intelligence, a lever for the success of teams and organizations
  • Know yourself: Your strengths and opportunities for improvement as a leader (Self Awareness)
  • Know and value your team (Social Awareness)
  • Self-leadership: Leadership begins with oneself (Self Management)
  • Social competences to develop a High Performance Leadership (Relationship Management)
  • Emotionally intelligent leadership in action
  • Capstone Project

Former Students

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Mar 2019
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Mar 2019
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Mar 2019

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