Internationally Recognised Award (30 UK University Credits & 200 CPD Hours)

Professional Certificate in Colour Consultancy Course academic value of level 4 is also credited under CPD/continual personal development where employers and employees value this accreditation.

This Colour Course is Internationally Recognised

Our Professional Certificate course has transferable University Credit Values as follows:

  • 30 UK University Credits
  • 15 EU Credits
  • 9 US Semester Credits
  • 200 CPD Learning Hours
  • Learn directly from Colour Expert "Maria Flynn"
  • Become a Colour Specialist & position yourself as an expert
  • No experience or previous qualifications needed to enrol
  • Full Money-Back Guarantee

Here's what our students have to say

Stella Munene - "After searching many online design courses I found The Design Ecademy. As an online course, it allowed me to apply my skills as I was studying and running my business at the same time. Each assignment promoted learning and allowed me to thoroughly explore my creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course and learnt more than I had anticipated. I would choose The Design Ecademy 100 times over."

Online Learning Works Around You!

  • Work at your own pace
  • Ready when you are 24/7
  • Never miss a class or lesson
  • Step-by-step Video Tutorials
  • Full support & a personal tutor
  • Connect with students from all over the world

This Colour Consultancy Course will position you as a Colour Expert.

This Online Colour Course covers the fundamentals of Working with Colour to a very high standard so you can successfully work in the Colour Consultancy Industry.

This Online Colour Consultancy Course is a comprehensive course that will benefit anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of colour and its practical application. Whether you are interested in becoming a Colour Consultant, enhancing your existing skills or if simply want to learn to design with colour for personal pleasure, this online colour course will give you a thorough grounding of the subject and you will gain real skills and knowledge that you can put to use immediately.

For the vast majority of people, the colour remains something of a mystery, and the few gifted and talented people who can create fantastic colour schemes are treated with awe and admiration for their obviously “magical” talent! The general consensus is that you either have a natural flair for colour – or you don’t, but these skills can be learned, and successful use of colour is something that everyone can master. Whether you want to design interiors, graphics, clothes or products, finding the right colour balance is critical to the end result and our online colour consultancy course will teach you how to achieve that.

You will quickly learn that there is no such thing as a “bad colour” and we’ll teach you how to create winning colour combinations time after time. You’ll also explore Colour Psychology and learn how colour can be used to influence people’s moods and behaviours – even blind people are affected by it!

This Colour Consultancy Course is JAM PACKED and our online prospectus will give you all the information about the course (including prices). However, here's a very brief overview to whet your appetite.

  • Colour communication – How to use mood boards effectively to plan and communicate your colour palettes
  • Colour science & theory — The natural laws of colour and why they are important
  • Winning colour combinations — Discover the “Secret Formula” that will help you get it right every time
  • Working with colour — Using colour to create illusions and “fix” design errors
  • Colour psychology – Explore how colour can affect our mood and even increase our quality of life
  • Colour notation — Understanding the language of colour, so you can communicate with knowledge and confidence
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Last updated November 12, 2018
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Aug. 2019
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