management information systems

Today, companies are looking at how composed the largest share of the total market value of intangible assets, we notice that it takes. VUE by the ismlendiril the (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity), ambiguities and make strategic decisions in a constantly changing world and the opportunities offered by the most important asset of the IT system of the institutions to implement them and are aware of the threats and capabilities that can move using them. It is not possible to obtain a competitive advantage that no institution without information systems, and yes, IT systems critical to be left only to computer experts. Each manager can make a difference to the extent that I understand informatics informatics and each institution can carry forward the extent that he knows how it contributes to achieve the strategic goals. Customer management of the data analysis, the strategic foresight and resource optimization are in the value chain management with ICT management in every area of ​​the most important competitive factor.

Towards the end of the twentieth century when the relative importance of Information Systems wins MIS (Management Information Systems - Information Systems Management) began to develop as an independent discipline. Today is no longer an area that has become a highly effect on other functions, the motto of this reason INFORMATION MIS program "Management with Information Systems". Beyond the Management of Information Systems graduates of the program "Management and Information Systems" will gain competency. Technical and managerial skills, strategic thinking and leadership to include the strategic application areas.

Under the program, business management and information technology are discussed in the framework of an interdisciplinary approach. In this context, Business Analytics and Big Data (Big Data), Data Resource Management, Systems Analysis and Design, Design-oriented topics such as thinking; Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Resource Planning, B2B blended with business topics such as marketing.

Another important feature of the program and the introduction today of increasing the resilience to adapt to the working hours. Leaders and managers obliged candidates to come to campus in the hectic pace of one of the elements that make it difficult to maintain a master's degree from both geographically and temporally. between e-MIS program information online format through your career management is an important step toward making advanced graduate at your own pace INFORMATION graduates could join the profession to enable you to provide to the WDS.

academic programs

  • Fundamentals of Management Information Systems
  • Business Analytics and Big Data
  • Design Thinking
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Value Chain Management
  • Project management
  • Strategic Management (Optional)
  • Business Management (Optional)
  • Statistics (Optional)
  • Game Theory (Elective)
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Plan (Project)


Istanbul Bilgi University

Returns to education

  • Information Systems Management with strategic value added globally to implement the "new" content,
  • This area will allow you to be ahead of developments in the world of academic and professional training of outstanding teaching staff,
  • applications and projects under the program will provide the opportunity to improve corporate alliances,
  • Information Systems to gain mastery of the latest technologies and methods in the field,
  • Information Systems related to their ability to provide comprehensive and strategic analysis,
  • The most successful applications to provide real-life learning associating them with the theory,
  • Details of the program allows elective MBA programs offer the opportunity to specialize in different areas of specialization expanding its facilities,
  • MIS students to graduate without having to participate in the presentation of the campus with the methods of online curriculum, and
  • A special training program for yourself in an area that is critical to the development of online applications with the possibility of disciplinary reputation.

Requirements for applicants

  • Filling the online application form
  • University diploma or certificate of graduation
  • transcripts
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