The Life and Executive Coaching Foundations (LECF) created by Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas is designed to give the blueprint, guidance, and training needed to apply to coach in life and business and drive results. Because NMCA knows that coaching is an important commitment, this course was created as a stepping stone toward a full certification program. However, it deploys the proficiency, knowledge, and practice of any fully accredited program.

It’s a promise that this isn’t just an introduction to coaching. It is the program that will make you fall in love with coaching and never wanting to stop.

At NMCA, we understand that developing the coaching skill set and practice muscle isn’t often easy. That’s why professional coaching from credentialed coaches with access to techniques, research, and the tools is so important. By facilitating personal and professional growth that leads to improved performance, the acquisition of new skills and knowledge as well as the overall development of the coachee, our professional coaches empower others to do the same.

Life And Executive Coaching Foundations course is unlike anything you have experienced before:

Utilizing extensive research and collaborative dialogue with other industry experts, we have created a course that is challenging, adaptable, and most importantly relevant for any individual wanting to integrate coaching skills in life or at work.

Students are provided with extensive coaching knowledge in a highly interactive and flexible format. Presented 100% online, it fits any schedule and it’s adaptable to any learning style.

Because we know that coaching is most of all practical, this program offers practice opportunities with our Practitioner Coaches, through a series of tutoring sessions.

It is ready-made for progression to the Practitioner Coaching Diploma. Starting your coaching journey with Life and Executive Coaching Foundations is providing you with the coaching portfolio needed for accreditation.

The dynamic structure, extensive content and quality training that your team receives from our credentialed professional coaches will yield incredible results that are noticeable immediately and that grow over time.

Combine this with lifetime access to our management coaching resource platform and student support team for every program participant, and it’s hard not to see why we’ve had so much success.


  • Opportunity to progress to a fully accredited course

  • A Noble Manhattan Coaching Certificate attesting your coaching knowledge and skills

  • Continuous development opportunities.

  • On-time support from our Student Support Team

  • Access to Noble Manhattan student groups for practice and shared experiences

  • 5 tutoring sessions with one of Noble Manhattan accredited practitioner coaches

  • Lifetime access to the online course platform and to Noble Manhattan database of coaching resources

Enrollment process

Anyone interested in getting started with coaching or in applying to coach at work or in their private life can apply to this course.

There are no deadlines or application requirements. You just have to express your interest and we will provide you with the payment links.

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Last updated January 5, 2019
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