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Advanced Course Maître

Specialize and improve professionally as maître

The restaurant maitre must possess excellent qualities of intuition, taste for service and business-minded.

The course involves a Maître deep working knowledge of the mechanics and procedures needed to run an impeccable restaurant service. During the three modules, you'll acquire with practical work experience that will enable you to develop your work in organizing, planning and control of restaurant, having the skills to wine tasting and pairings and for the preparation and organization of events and their respective protocol.

"The pleasure of serving" is clearly reflected in this specialty restaurant maitre. Loyalty and customer confidence towards establishing clearly wins in this post. The human factor is still the differentiator, take advantage of it!

Module for wine tasting, you will receive at your home a batch with the following products:

  • September 2 pulses corkscrew silver aluminum.
  • Cover wine chiller.
  • Set wine accessories.

Lot of bottles for wine tasting:

  • WHITE WINES: Cosme Palacio, Selected Harvest. Isilla Winery, Verdejo.
  • WINE: Carratraviesa Rosado.
  • RED WINES: Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo. Altico Syrah. Robatie, book


  • Professional Bartender - Introduction to the restaurant. Organization and service delivery. Organization and bar service. Buffet and room service. Banqueting. Service coffee, tea, cocktail and cigar. Charting and billing
  • Wine tasting - History of wine and vine. Winemaking. Grapes and appellations. The organoleptic wine. The wine tasting. Spanish wine tasting. Service and food pairing.
  • Small Organization Events and Protocol - Commercial Department. Types of events and protocol. Engineering menu. Wines, Pairing and Presentation. The Protocol on Restoration Events. Other complementary activities at the event.


With the Advanced Course Maitre, get that:

  • You unwrap properly for the facilities and to develop all technical correction service depending on the type of establishment.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to meet and serve customers properly. Besides knowing treat potential customer complaints
  • Comprehensively meet the internal organization of restaurant
  • Know the organizational structure of a restaurant and its management, as well as the different types of services a restaurant (buffets, banquets, room service ...)
  • Learn the parameters for making menus and letters, as well as an inventory of the restaurant
  • Know step by step, the terms, concepts, components and factors that are involved in the development of wine tasting.
  • Notions have the complete planning and execution of an event (from receipt to completion thereof), controlling their mounts, material and human needs.

Career Opportunities

The upper course is maître aimed at those who wish to acquire, improve and update their training in this sector with specific training to take up a job as head maître bar.

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Sept. 2019
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