Basic information

  • Title: Online Course on Cybersecurity and Blockchain: tackling irrastreability in the network
  • Own title: Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset
  • Address of the program:
    • Enrique Avila (director of the National Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity and head of the Information Security area of the Civil Guard)
    • Araceli Bailón García (manager of the Institute of Forensic Sciences and Security UAM)
  • Date of delivery: From February 11 to March 10, 2019.
  • Price: 600 euros
  • Modality: online
  • Duration: 4 weeks

This course has a program of scholarships and discounts, consult through the email address provided.

On January 3, 2009, the initial launch of bitcoin cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology (Blockchain) took place, since then the market for cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially, with many others with different characteristics and protocols emerging.

Course objective

Through this online course we intend to give a basic and generalized view of the current situation in terms of ICT security, and the tools that we can use to secure our actions in the network (cryptocurrency, electronic transactions ...).


4 weeks (1 module per week). Materials for the comprehension of the subject are offered, such as presentations, guides, recommended readings, test of overcoming the subject, program of solution of doubts and tutorials. In addition, videoconferences of 1 hour duration will be held for each block to be able to converse live with the teaching staff.

Target audiences

It is an open course focused on professionals in the areas of economics, law and technology who want to know the new challenges in terms of cybersecurity, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Academic program

Professor Enrique Avila
1.1. Fundamental concepts of cybersecurity and cyberintelligence
1.2. Regulation and applicable legal framework
1.3 Threats in the network

We will have the opportunity in this block to analyze the new paradigm of Information Security: Blockchain. Specifically, the Blockchain as an opportunity in terms of digital identity and consensus technologies as a distributed security model.

Professor Sergio Muñoz
2.1 Basic concepts. Origin
2.2 Legal regulation: Obligations of custody.
2.3 Smart contracts

The origin of the cryptocurrency will be reviewed, its classes and the different approaches to its classification from a legally valid framework. Likewise, the custody modalities and the implicit risks will be seen. Finally, the concept of smart contracts will be introduced for later and through real examples describe its operation and legal accommodation.

Professor Ana Gella Valdés
3.1 Bitcoin
3.2 Ethereum
3.3 Other cryptocurrencies

In this module we will analyze in detail the origin of the two best known cryptocurrency: bitcoin and ethereum, as well as the main similarities and differences between them in order to analyze the situation of cryptocurrency in 2018.

Professor Ramón Miralles
4.1 Concept and origins
4.2 Legal regulation
4.3 Key systems

In this module an approach to the technical concept of blockchain will be made, explaining its operation, as well as its classes (public, private) starting from its sociological origin, to better understand the why of the emergence of the blockchain. Also, a legal vision on applicable regulation will be offered, and the main challenges that this technology faces.


The people who pass the course will receive an academic certificate equivalent to 60 hours of training from Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset .

The Instituto Universitario de Investigación Ortega y Gasset reserves the right to cancel the Master's edition, if there is not enough students to guarantee the viability of the same.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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