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Top Online BScs in Criminal Law 2019 in North America

Earning a Bachelor of Science may take about four years, but the benefits of gaining improved skills can last a lifetime. Many schools also offer online or part-time schooling options, so that earning a BSc can be convenient for students regardless of their busy life.

Those interested in stopping terrorism or human rights abuses may want to take courses in criminal law. Typical classes teach scholars about proof and evidence. Students may learn about tort or contract law, as well.

From indigenous civilizations to modern day empires, North America has plenty of hands-on educational opportunities to offer scholars. Filled with a range of distinct cultures, students can educate themselves in well-rounded way.

BSc Online in Criminal Law in North America

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Other options within this field of study:
Utica College Online

You'll emerge from the Online BS in Criminal Justice- specialized in Legal Issues in Criminal Justice with a solid understanding of government and judicial regulation of ... [+]

Criminals continue to advance their techniques through technology, as well as skate the edge of legal loopholes, taking advantage of non-existent or loosely-defined laws. You’ll find the issues related to criminal justice span the globe, entering the homes and business of its residents in a physical and virtual manner, threatening homeland security, and demanding immediate policy changes to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty.

The Online BS in Criminal Justice- specialized in Legal Issues in Criminal Justice curriculum prepares you to:

Describe the roles of ethics in the operation of the criminal justice system Identify and resolve ethical dilemmas associated with c... [-]
USA Utica
August 2019
3 years
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