• Learn the Most Important Skill - Trading Price Action
  • Trade On Any Instrument, Time Frame or Environment
  • Increase Your Confidence, Discipline & Consistency

50+ Hours of Video Lessons

50+ videos packed with strategies, examples and advanced price action techniques. Each one is clear and specific. See exactly how I trade my own money using these exact same strategies.

Trade Setups Commentary, Price Action Quizzes & End of Week Review

Get access to my trade setup ideas several times per week where I cover the price action context, trend bias, and key levels.

You can use this for trade ideas, along with comparing your price action read on the market with what I’m seeing.

Private Member Webinars

In this course, you get access to private member webinars so you can have ongoing professional development on price action, trader psychology, and risk/money management.

I'll be doing upcoming webinars on the following topics:

  1. How to Wire Your Brain For Success In Trading
  2. Durability, Risk & Growing Your Account
  3. Path’s to Becoming A Professional Trader & Getting Funded
  4. Correcting Your Trading Weaknesses & Increasing Your Strengths

and more...

Trading Analytics

Members get access to a Trading Analytics session with me (Chris Capre), whereby I analyze your trading performance across 20+ metrics, giving you actionable insights into your trading, and a roadmap on how to improve your accuracy and profitability.

Members Trade Setups Forum

Myself, senior traders and forum members post their live trade setups in the members' area, so you always have lots of eyes on the market.

We trade forex, global indices, commodities, futures, CFDs, and stocks, so a wide range of instruments to help you spot specific trade setups every day.

Develop A Winning Trading Psychology

I've been studying Neuroscience for the past two decades, meditating every day for 15 years, and completed a 1-year meditation retreat.
No other trading mentor has this unique combination of training and experience, which I share with you on how to develop a winning trading psychology

Just think - a 1% difference in your mindset could drastically increase your profits.

The Advanced Price Action Course Curriculum

Your Complete A-Z Training on Price Action, Trading Psychology and Risk Management.

  • Section 1: Price Action Context
  • Section 2: Critical Price Action Structures You Need to Know
  • Section 3: Trading Breakouts Like A Pro
  • Section 4: Tactics & Trade Management Skills
  • Section 5: Risk & Money Management Models
  • Section 6: Building Your Successful Trading Mindset
  • Section 7: Your Trade Setups & Live Trade Examples
  • Section 8: Trading Preparation, Analysis, Review & Your Trading Plan

Why Do You Need This Course?

  • Are you struggling to make money trading?
  • Do you hesitate to pull the trigger watching profitable trades go by?
  • Wondering why you make the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Not sure how to find high-profit trades and pull money out of the market?

Good trading isn't simply about the system. It's about building skills that make money in the markets.

A successful mindset doesn't come from just repeating positive affirmations. It's about reinforcing and wiring in successful trading habits.

That's why I've built this A-Z training on price action, trading psychology, and risk + money management to be the last course you take.

Having A Positive Impact

I'm a Buddhist, Trader & Philanthropist. That means I trade, meditate and donate.

Through you joining this course and investing in your success, you're helping both yourself and others through my Making an Impact initiative.

A portion of your course fees will go to help with education, resources, clean water, starting small businesses and saving animals around the world.

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Last updated October 17, 2018
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