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Top Online 1-year Masters in Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality 2019

A 1-year MBA program generally prepares students for key roles in business administration. Students can expand on their current education while developing important leadership skills and gaining valuable exposure to business culture in real-world situations.

Having an MBA in Tourism gives you a great advantage in achieving managerial positions in the tourism sector. You get to belong to the top sought-after tourism leaders in the business. This MBA equips you with the analytical and critical decision-making skills emphasizing on strategy and managerial, as well as conceptual skills in the tourism industry.

Online 1-year MBA in Tourism and Hospitality

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Analyze the foundations of the Strategic Management studying its foundations, the competitive analysis of the environment. ... [+]

This master enables you to:

Analyze the foundations of the Strategic Management studying its foundations, the competitive analysis of the environment.Be able to evaluate the suitability of a commercial strategy, analyzing the marketing plan on which it is based, deciding the most appropriate marketing channels, etc; thus guaranteeing the desired results for your company.Acquire the necessary knowledge for the direction and management of the different disciplines that allow the correct functioning of a company, dominating the fundamental guidelines of the creation and implementation of each of them.Knowing the decisive importance of hotel, non-hotel, catering and leisure establishments in the tourism industry, discovering the potential of new proposals linked to nature, living space and experiences such as gastronomy.Learn to manage globalization and open markets through price management techniques and competitive strategies.Understand the enormous transformation that social networks have meant for tourism as a space to connect and live the travel experience and know how to take advantage of the connectivity between the company and the client.Discover the necessary adaptation of the tourism industry to the principle of economic, social and environmental sustainability of tourism.... [-]
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